Portfolio Immunization

As you near retirement, your investment strategies need to be structured with income generation goals. Matching portfolio cash flow with annual living expenses is called Portfolio Immunization, or liability-driven investing, and is used extensively in large pension plans. Liability driven investing structures a portfolio with the relatively attractive asset alternatives that funds current and future cash flows to meet expenses and growth requirement.


Portfolio Immunization  

Through the financial planning process we determine your cash flow and identify income gaps to be filled from cash flow generated from the income allocation of the portfolio. Assets not needed to generate income are invested in a growth allocation.


Income Allocation

  • Current and future liabilities are identified to determine the cash flow needed to meet anticipated expenses. 
  • An allocation of low risk, high quality securities are selected to generate sufficient cash flow to satisfy expenses.

Growth Allocation

  • Growth securities are selected to increase net worth to provide for gifting, future unexpected cash needs or for wealth transfer strategies.
  • An allocation of domestic equity, foreign equity, fixed income, currencies and alternative investments designed to match an investor's risk tolerance and investment time horizon.


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